What Is CRM And Why Is It Needed For Your Business?

What is CRM software

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Recently, CRM or Customer Relationship Management has become one of the most widely used terms in most business areas. Though you might be familiar with this business and Information Technology term, you may not know exactly what it means. So what is CRM software? More importantly, what does it offer for startups, small and burgeoning businesses?

To put it simply, CRM is a way of improving business efficiency. It is about maintaining communications and interactions and strengthening client-company relationships for better customer retention. CRM systems help to streamline business activities and processes. It also helps in the effective integration of your marketing, customer service and sales functions. A quality CRM system makes it pretty convenient and easy for company employees to work together as a team and share critical customer information. If your business has a good CRM system, then it does not matter if your company faces a huge number of customers. CRM systems available nowadays bring provide significant benefits for a business, no matter how huge the customer base is.

You now know what is CRM software, and now, we will discuss some of its benefits. One of the greatest benefits of using CRM systems for smaller businesses is the much easy access to client information and entire contact history. You don’t have to remember the conversations you had with a particular customer. The CRM software maintains the entire record of all the conversations between the company staff and the customer. Though most small enterprises know their businesses inside out, the data is stored throughout the organization. A good CRM implementation ensures that all the important customer information is brought together. They have excellent tools and features saving a lot of time and efforts that can be invested in providing quality service to the customer.

Information Technology

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CRM systems help you fillip your sales prospects, run more quality marketing strategies and campaigns, enhance your sales forecasting, aid the management staff and above all greatly improve your customer service.  Actually, that is just the start, in certain business areas Customer Relationship Management has provided businesses a solid and deep understanding of the psyche of their customers, identifying the factors  that drives their preference for services and products.

Remember, CRM systems do deliver, but the important part is that they should be deployed and used appropriately. To reap the benefits of CRM in your company, you require an integrated, well-managed, carefully-planned, and above all, a realistic approach.

Improve Your Business Using CRM Systems

CRM online

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Every business needs to have good relations with its customers, if they wish to stay in the industry for long and get decent revenue. Therefore, it is important for all companies to have a customer relationship management system installed in their office. Installing CRM system will help the business to organize and manage the business and customer details effectively and efficiently.  Some of the customer relationship solutions now offer CRM online as well. This makes the software easy to access and provides the customers an experience that they would like to repeat.

One of the things about CRM is that it should be up and running 24×7. This means that you would need to employ some professionals to manage the CRM system round the clock. Even though investing on CRM does not make any losses, it is advised that you do not spend a lot on managing CRM manually as it is not a very good practice. The reason we say this is due to the fact that now there are many companies that offer well-designed CRM online services. The best feature of such services is that they help the users in cutting down the cost of management.

Even though online CRM solutions are cheap, they are as effective as manual standalone CRM solutions you get from the market. The only problem that you might have with using an online customer management system is that you would have to have a working high-speed internet connection always. On the other hand, it also provides you the advantage of portability. You would be able to access the data stored in the online CRM system from anywhere in the world.

Installing CRM

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If you work with a CRM solution, the effectiveness of the sales team will increase greatly, as the system will help the sales team to understand the needs of the customers. One of the greatest advantages of using a CRM system is that it greatly improves the quality of services provided using the system. Since the CRM systems has all the information regarding the customers, the service technicians and support staff would be able to provide prompt and apt service to customers in no time.

The main aim of any CRM solution is to cater to all the needs of the customers, so that he comes back to get more services from your company. Online CRM solutions help you greatly in achieving this and with less cost.

Salient Features Of Sugar CRM Solutions

Sugar CRM

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Sugar CRM is a leading software firm that is located at Cupertino, California. The company is quite popular across the globe as it manufactures the highly acclaimed web application or solution that is known as Sugar. The software is also popularly known as Sugar CRM. The facets mentioned below will tell you more about the advantages of the unique customer relationship software.

Advanced CRM applications

Customer relationship management or CRM proves to be the backbone of every thriving business organization. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that the customers are getting prompt feedback and support from both the sales and marketing departments. This will in turn ensure that there will be maximum customer retention. This is a favorable factor for the company as they can convert these prospective customers into direct business leads.

The CRM software is nothing short of a mega database of potential clients. Each time a customer contacts your company via the software, their contact details will be recorded. You do not have to search elsewhere and instead use this valuable contact information to market your products and services.

There are three main customer relationship applications from the house of Sugar CRM and they are known as Sugar Professional, Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate. You can see that each of these customer management applications is derived from the common code tree. These CRM products were actually originated on LAMP stack that comprises of Linux, Apache, MYSQL and PHP. At the same time, the CRM applications are also compatible with PHP cable platforms such as Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows. The CRM software by Sugar also makes use of MS IIS as the web server and Oracle, MS SQL and DB2 as the alternative databases.

CRM applications

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There was a community edition CRM by Sugar known as Sugar CE. Sugar CE was initially named as Sugar Open Source. Sugar Open Source was available to the users free of cost. Later in 2013, Sugar announced the advanced version of CRM known as Sugar version 7 and there was no update for the community edition.

Sugar is undoubtedly one of the most successful manufacturers of user-friendly CRM software in the world today. It is not surprising that many leading corporate companies are now switching over to the customer management platform by Sugar to rake in substantial profits. It is indeed a proven strategy for assured business growth.

Numerous Functions Of CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management Software

      Customer Relationship Management Systems

Building a cordial relationship with customers and clients is essential for any organization to grow and pose competition to its counterparts. Employing advanced customer relationship management software can make the company achieve this feat much easily. But while choosing CRM software, it is important that you check the features that the program comprises of and whether it can actually help to increase the sales in your firm.

Talking about the benefits of a customer relationship management software program, one needs to know about its main functions or to be precise, into what all sections the functions are divided. Based on its functions, a CRM system is divided into three sub sections.


This is one area where using an advanced CRM system appears to be beneficial the most. The software program is mainly responsible in executing and managing the presales process in an organized manner by generating leads for the salespersons. Organizing the relevant data of the customer such as the basic information, products interested in, expected budget, total spending etc. is easily done, thereby making the work easier for the sales executives. By knowing this information, it also becomes quite easy for the employees to strike a chord with the customers. Hence, it results in the overall growth of the firm.


Sales and marketing departments in a firm go hand in hand and require advanced CRM systems for proper functioning. Marketing deals with the promotion of the products among the customers and important clients of the company. This becomes easier by generating sales related leads that helps in contacting the customers on the basis of the information available. This becomes helpful especially during marketing campaigns.

Sales Executives

Benefits Of Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer service

Another benefit of using CRM software program is that it helps in the smooth functioning of the customer service team in the company. The professionals in this department regularly contact the customers and vice-versa, in order to troubleshoot and fix the issues faced by the users and also to get feedbacks about the services. These can help in knowing about the requirements of the customers and what they are actually looking forward to from your business. CRM systems can help in managing the data of the customers all at one place, making the work much simpler.

So, while you opt for a customer relationship management software program, make sure that the program comprises of all the features necessary for the proper functioning of these three sections in your firm.

Advantages Of Having Effective Customer Relationship Application

CRM Application

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CRM application or CRM software is an important requisite in your business organization if you really want to see a significant increase in your annual turnover. Nowadays, most of the leading companies make use of latest and innovative CRM software and CRM application to rake in more profit. Read along to know more about the benefits of effective customer relationship management.

CRM application

Gone are the days when the senior level management of leading companies had to manually take care of their customers and channelize work force accordingly. With the advent of the technically enhanced CRM software, things are now done in a more automated way. When company operations are simplified and streamlined, that will automatically enable the work force to increase their work efficiency and that will result in better profits. This is exactly what technically advanced CRM software can do to your organization.

Several professional companies are out there that provide state of the art CRM solutions and strategies for leading companies. You can also hire the services of such a reputed and reliable company to take your firm to the next best level. One of the greatest advantages of having the CRM software installed in place is that your customers will be able to contact your sales and marketing team in real time to get proper feedback and prompt customer support. Your customers will in turn be much happy to receive quick customer support and this will automatically help you to maintain optimal customer retention. Ultimately, you can convert these target customers and clients into prospective business leads.

Customer Support

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This is another big benefit of having the CRM software installed in place. You do not have to search elsewhere or look for any other source to build your customer database. Your CRM software itself is a mega customer database for your establishment. Apart from that, the CRM software successfully integrates the sales department, marketing department and the customer database into one unified segment. This in turn will speed up the daily operations of your company.

Many leading corporate companies make use of CRM software. This is to stay interconnected with the branches of their companies located in different parts of the globe. The senior management can rely on the CRM software to pass on important executive decisions to other departments of the company. Therefore, you can see that there are multifaceted benefits when you have the advanced CRM software installed in your company.

Choosing The Best CRM Tools

Crm Tools

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CRM tools are the most important part of every organization used for effective customer relationship management. It is important for the organization to have such supporting tools that can maintain a database of the customers along with all their details. They also help in organizing, automating and synchronizing marketing, sales, technical support and customer services. Here are two of the best tools that you can make use of in your organization.

Sales Force

This effective CRM platform is mainly used in non-profit organizations. Usually the company offers user licenses of up to 10 for the enterprise edition. For organizations that get qualified, one of the tiers supplied is free of cost. Another pack called Nonprofit Starter Pack is a readymade customer-relation management tool for nonprofit organizations. With this service, there is no need of a dedicated hardware or server, since it is cloud based.

Sales Force is an App Exchange that is busy in the online market place where most of the developers sell their applications that can settle on top of every platform. Many apps are out there according to the needs of the organization. There are also apps designed for nonprofit organizations. The services are charged on a monthly basis in most of the cases and there are chances for the cost getting added up. However, they also see that they add up ample capabilities to the system.


This is a web based, open source tool based on CRM platform that lets the users download the same for no charge. However, you will necessarily need a consulting firm in order to configure the software to the need of your nonprofit firm. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to find a consultant who can configure the software. A set of people help to develop and release the beta version of the tool. They are so sturdy that they are able to help track households and donations and offer them with the event management email broadcasting functionality.

Crm Platform

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With the help of customization, you will be able to run the organization smoothly with some of the out-of-the box functionalities included in it. Some of them are a basic case management system, this is meant to manage educational programs. One of the most interesting features called CiviBox Office allows easy seat selection while booking an airline ticket.

There are other CRM tools as well that can help to provide better services that help you reach your business goals fast in the most efficient way.

Step To Improve Your Business With CRM

Free CRM Software

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The success of a company is determined by the kind of relationship that the company maintains with its customers. Customer Relationship management happens to be one of the most vital functions of all the businesses. Those firms that are making use of CRM systems most often do not run into losses. One important thing that you should understand is that not all CRM software is made equal. Some of the CRM tools may be good for small to medium sized businesses, while some others may be made keeping large corporate companies in mind.

If you are running a small sized company, you should not go for a CRM tool that is tailor made for the large corporate businesses. If you do this, you will not only be wasting huge money on buying and implementation costs, but also be left with many tasks that the CRM program would not been able to deal with. If you are a small business, a web based CRM software can be right choice, as you will get to enjoy unparalleled flexibility at unbeatable rates. In addition to this, you will bale to customize the online CRM to match your specific needs and requirements to make sure that you get the most out of your investment.

Medium Sized Businesses

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No matter how unique your needs are, web based CRM would be a better and cost effective option for you when compared to the on-site CRM software. There are many free CRM software programs that are available free. You can download and try the free CRM software to see if the program suits your needs. After comparing some of the free CRM software, you can buy the one that suits your needs in a better way. Contrary to the onsite CRM, web based CRM does not necessitate investing in a dedicated server and offers you the flexibility to log into the CRM tool with your Internet connection.

These CRM systems allow you to stay connected with your business even if you are traveling abroad. It will be much easy to manage your business activities at the click of a mouse with round the clock connectivity. You can browse in the Internet for top CRM software manufacturers that offer free demo and money back guarantee before making the purchase of the CRM software. You should also make it a point to compare the prices of the software and check for its reviews before making your choice.

An Application For Establishing Strong Customer Relationships

Client Relationship Management

                  Client Relation Management

This is one of the applications used in a business, which would help you manage all enterprise wide interactions with the client. The main objective of this software is to enhance the business you are dealing with in the most efficient way. The software acts like a database that stores all the information about the customers that contact your organization.

Client Relationship Management software is mostly useful when it comes to customer support services. The customer support representative will be able to interact better with the customer with the help of this software. Suppose the customer is calling up for the second time, all the contact information including the name of the customer would be there in the software already. But, if the customer is calling up for the first time, you can enter all the information in this software.

CRM software is more than just a customer database. They not only help in maintaining the record of a customer, they also help in creating reminders for a call back, a birthday reminder or just a regular call back to get in touch with the customer. With the help of the software, you will be able to send email messages regarding certain offers, if they do not prefer phone calls, this can be noted in the software.

CRM software is of different types one is the downloadable version and the other one is the web based system. The advantage of a web based CRM software is that they are cost effective, since you do not have to download the software. This saves up plenty of time and money. The web-based system is flexible since you have the privilege to choose the service that you want and pay only for that particular service.

Customer Support

                       Business Management

It is very easy to use the software and the best part is the management. It is very easy to manage the software and you only have to stay focused on the business processes rather than spending more time on organizing the software.

Another advantage of using the CRM software is that you will be able to work from a remote location. In such cases, it is important that the employee have access to the central database. This is important so that they get an access to all the information that is necessary to solve issues that a customer faces, in the most efficient manner. With all these advantages, Client Relationship Management software is essential to run the business.

Online CRM Services And Their Multiple Benefits

CRM Online

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Almost all companies have digitalized the task of customer relationship management with on-site CRM applications. There is no doubt that these applications are effective and are able to simplify the tedious task of customer relationship management. Unfortunately, the huge price of popular CRM tools has made small and midsized companies shy away from utilizing these tools. Thankfully, there are numerous CRM online services.

The best thing is that most these web-based services are free or available at nominal prices. Moreover, they aren’t much different from on-site CRM tools in terms of features. Another thing that makes web based CRM tools better is that they cause less implementation menaces. With a basic understanding of computers and internet, you can operate them, meaning you do not have to hire a skilled employee to operate web based CRM tools. This article takes a brief look at the key benefits of CRM online services.

Serves as a test CRM module

If you haven’t yet integrated an on-site CRM tool into your business, CRM online services are perfect to start with. They allow you to analyse the modules, functions and features of CRM. They help emerging entrepreneurs to explore various marketing ideas and strategies and implement them effectively to maximise their growth and profit.

According to a survey, the most common reason for many companies to experience loss or incompetence is that they don’t have access to accurate information about their customers. The conventional customer relationship management tools they use leave them with inaccurate information which in turn impacts them negatively while implementing new marketing strategies and business ideas.

Web based CRM services charge you less

The affordability of web based CRM services endears them to most users. Most of the web based CRM services have adopted a ‘pay only for what you use’ policy. Consequently, you are not charged unjustly. This gives a good chance for small and midsized businesses to test these CRM tools.

CRM Applications

                    Online CRM Tools

Minimum system requirements

A full-fledged on-site CRM tool requires network and high-power server to function smoothly. On the other hand, a web based CRM tool can run on any PC that has an active internet connection. Web based CRM tools work on cloud network. There are options to integrate your online CRM tool with your cloud account too.

Customer relationship management has taken a digital form and majority of the businesses all around the world have started to use it. So, not switching to an advanced CRM tool can be a regressive step.

CRM Software Maximises A Company’s Chances To Be Successful

Customer Management Software

 Customer Relationship Management

A business thrives when its customers are satisfied. This very understanding has prompted our ancestors to say that customers are the backbone of every business. Every business has to strive to ensure that its customers are happy and content with the products or services offered to them. The process of getting in touch with the customers, knowing their tastes and preferences and responding to their complaints or feedback is known as customer relationship management (CRM).

In order to understand customers well, to know or identify their tastes and to offer the best service or product, a business should have an effective customer relationship management (CRM) system. Effective customer relationship management helps a company to anticipate the needs of customers and do accordingly. Acting upon the needs of the customers at the right time could play a crucial role in the success and profit of the company.

Functions of Customer relationship management

The primary function of a CRM team in a company is to ensure that they have reliable sources of information about their customer base. The team should have effective tools to gather information about the customers and organize the collected information in appropriate order for quick access in future. On top of that, the information needs to be updated or modified in right time; else, it could lead to mismanagement of customer relationships.

Customer management software is an ideal option to gather correct information about customers. Moreover, customer management software can help a company update or modify the stored information without causing any faults. The software is also helpful in distributing the information to the employees to make them more productive in their customer relationship management activities.

CRM Tool

     Effective Customer Relationship

According to experts, the major reason for most upcoming companies to prefer customer management software to traditional CRM methods is that it enables quick and faultless organization of valuable data. The software can be effectively used to interpret the real meaning of the gathered data and use it to improve the relationship with customers.

Building good relationship with customers and maintaining that relationship without fail should be the first and foremost goal of every business. This can be done effectively only when a firm integrates effective customer relationship management software. To know which the best customer relationship management software for your firm is, try out different trial versions available for free online. Once you have found the most appropriate CRM tool, purchase its full version.